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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the number one thing you recommend when starting up an in-home childcare business?

A Contract! Print a simple, one-page contract here.

How do I teach the children to be nice to my pets?

It is my experience that children under the age of two may or may not understand what "gentle" is. The best policy would be to keep pets and children separate for most of the time especially during feeding. Feed the animals in a room where the children are not present  to avoid aggressive behavior from the animals. Don't expect the animals to tolerate the children. I have had parents suggest to their young children to "go on and play with the kitties now, honey", but I advise the child to play with one of the many toys I have here. Most of the time pets don't make very good toys.

How do you handle screaming/fussing babies?

Find out how the parent handles the baby's fussy times beforehand. Have them jot their methods down for you so you can follow them too. It is normal for an infant to cry for approximately 3 hours each day. Crying does not harm the infant. It is the primary way they communicate with us. If, after, changing, feeding, burping, and holding the baby, lay him/her down for a nap. It is possible the baby has been over stimulated, is too warm, cold or is merely bored.

Swaddling does help some infants to settle down. They like that cozy, wrapped up feeling. Some, however, may get frustrated, and cry harder. If you find that he/she is still crying after trying all the aforementioned ideas, it would be a good idea to call the parent. Hennepin County has a form to fill out and parent's to sign regarding swaddling infants. It can be found here:

Very young babies might be going through the Period of Purple Crying. More info can be found here (The video portion of this site is shown during the AHT/SUIDS classes) :

Some babies vocalize loudly - what certain people fondly consider 'singing'. The difference between singing and crying would be the presence of tears. Unless the baby is a music critic, tears indicate distress.

What is the difference between a CDA and a CCP?

In most states, the two credentials are recognized as equivalent.

The CCP (Certified Childcare Professional) is granted to providers by the National Child Care Association (1-800-543-7161). 

The CDA (Child Development Associate) is granted to providers by theCouncil for Early Childhood Professional Recognition (1-800-424-4310).
At what ages can I expect developmental milestones to occur?

The Minnesota Department of Health has a Chart showing the ages and stages of growth from 3 months to 5 years. Available as a document or a wheel.

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