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For those who are new to the field and would like to start an in-home child care business of their own, and for current child day care providers who may have questions or are just curious, welcome!  The in-home child care provider is a unique breed. There has been countless times that my friends and acquaintances have told me they just don't know how I do it. Yes, it's a very demanding profession, and yes it takes a certain individual to accomplish it well. This site is here to help those of you who are considering an in-home child care career. The in-home child care provider has many dynamics which will never apply to those wonderful people who work as child care professionals in centers or schools. Keep in mind, you will be opening your home, your hearts and your very lives as well as the lives of your family to those you are in child care partnership with. It remains a career I highly recommend for many reasons.

While this site deals mainly with the Greater Minneapolis, Minnesota area,  most of the concepts can be applied elsewhere as well.

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How To Start A Quality Child Care Business
U.S. Small Business Administration MP-29

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